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Featured in: Issue Nº 2

Category: Q&A


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“Escapism is apparent in everything I do.”
Nadine Byrne

Born 1985,  graduated from Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden In 2011. Nadine has already exhibited her work in numerous countries. Through multiple media she explores the spheric boundaries between various understandings of the world.

Your work brings many different medias
such as music, poetry, clothing, sculpture etc. into play,
yet they seem somehow connected:

How would you describe the red thread
that runs through your body of work?

B: “My work is, whatever output it may have, immersed in my interest in alternative understandings of the world.
The ability to create a world of your own and at the same time be a part of something bigger than yourself is my constant attraction.
It is also, when it comes down to it, a great deal about resistance towards established societal systems.

When you create a world of your own, you turn your back on what is already there.”

B: “I have been focusing a lot on how these alternatives, be they religious, political, or mental have created an aesthetic discourse. At the same time my work has been a sort of therapeutic outlet, in which I revisit and explore past events of my family and me.

I don’t know if I have a red thread. But in the end I am just trying to create a world of my own. Escapism is apparent in everything I do.”

Who are the major influences behind your work?

My mother. And a wasteland filled with influences and dreams inside my brain.

Several of your pieces seem to have references to shamanistic or ‘occult’

How would you describe your religious / spiritual beliefs?

B: “In working with these subjects I am completely in the role of an outsider. That is probably why I am so drawn towards them.

I have no defined religious beliefs. I am actually quite skeptical.

But I know there is more to life than what you can see.”

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