Mailing with Ida Lennartsson

Featured in: Issue Nº 4

Category: Q&A


All images courtesy of Ida Lennartsson.

What are the main topics that concern you in your artistic practice?

Lennartsson: “The main reason why anything gets done at all is due to issues of emotional ambivalence and contradictions, that I can’t seem to get a grip on or understand.

I put a lot of thoughts into how I present my work. The most important issue is how to show (/trick) the viewer, to make the viewer understand (/believe) the artworks true (/false) spiritual value.”


L: “Because what I dream of at night drives me crazy when I’m awake.”

Your work integrates many different textures and clashes of various types of material: What role does the material in itself play in your work?

L: “I’m obsessed with materials. They attract me. It is like a short relationship where the material comes over me. I try to understand it; how it moves and behaves, only to take it over and abuse it, to make it mine.”

Could you please elaborate on the concept behind the work ‘Hiding behind the horizon’.

“I’ve never managed to clearly talk about Hiding Behind the Horizon; I have put to many layers of thoughts in it, in too many directions.
But I have tried to hint the core of the project in the title: Hiding behind the horizon.

But then again, I think the title would best be described as a short cat video on the internet: the scene would contain a small plastic pool, at the back end of the pool a cat head would slowly arise. Out from a small breeze only visible from the water surface, the cat’s eyes slightly widen before the cat’s head again disappears from sight.”