Featured Space: Tidens Krav

Featured in: Issue Nº 5

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All images courtesy of Tidens Krav, for more information and individual titles please visit their website here

Lately artist run exhibition platforms have gained new momentum on the Scandinavian art scene.

The spaces come in different sizes, have different lifespans and at times very different ideological pursuits. Common for them all, though, is that they depend on the goodwill of artists ready to invest their time in creating alternatives to the commercial galleries and government institutions.

Artist run spaces can be difficult to spot when browsing mainstream media so in every issue of Opaque we’ll give a short presentation of a space that we think you should pay a visit to.

Tidens Krav is an artist run enterprise located in the last down town block of scruffiness; the final frontier of Oslo low-life, in the middle of Oslo high life.

The name, Tidens Krav, is a language specific expression that translates into “Time’s Demand”, or more loosely into “Whatever required by the now”.

In search of new ways of engaging the capital structures of the art marked Tidens Krav introduce The Newest Standard

TK: “Whenever an artwork is sold at Tidens Krav the money is split equally between the exhibiting artist and Tidens Krav.

Tidens Krav’s share is spent solely on rent. The remaining profit, after the rent has been paid, is re-routed back to the buyers – but – only artists who buy art can claim their fair share of the remaining profit.

This means that any profit made from non-artists buying art will be shared amongst artists buying art. All the profit, from now and until the summer of 2014, will be shared amongst all the artists who buys art at Tidens Krav.

The size of each artist’s share is calculated in direct relation to the size of the amount spent on art in the first place.”

Tidens Krav is run by by: 
Mercedes Mühleisen   Anders Holen   Linda Lerseth and Øyvind Aspen, read more about Tidens Krav here or drop by Skippergata 18, Oslo, Norway for a look around.