Featured Space: Galleri Box

Featured in: Issue Nº 7

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All photos courtesy of Galleri Box. For additional information and individual titles please visit their website here.

Lately artist run exhibition platforms have gained new momentum on the Scandinavian art scene.

The spaces come in different sizes, have different lifespans and at times very different ideological pursuits. Common for them all, though, is that they depend on the goodwill of artists ready to invest their time in creating alternatives to the commercial galleries and government institutions.

Artist run spaces can be difficult to spot when browsing mainstream media so in every issue of Opaque we’ll give a short presentation of a space that we think you should pay a visit to.

Box is an artist-run space for contemporary art projects and exhibitions. Based in Gothenburg, the gallery aims at promoting contemporary Swedish artists, as well as introducing international artists to a Swedish audience.

Since the establishing of the project in 1998, Box has shown more than 100 exhibitions. With events such as exhibitions, artist talks, seminars and dialogues, Box has been able to build and establish its position as an important place of communication within the field of contemporary art.

Box is run by Erik Betshammar, Clara Fredenmark, Martin Hultén, Gustav Lejelind, Esmeralda Valencia Lindström, Josefina Posch, Sara Schmidt, Hendrik Zeitler and Fredrik Åkum.

For more information about Box check out their website here or pop by the space at Kastellgatan 10 in the city centre of Gothenburg, approximately a 3 minute walk from Linnéplatsen, on the same street as Gallery 54.