Closing time: MOHS exhibit

Featured in: Issue Nº 3

Category: Spaces


Featuring MOHS exhibit in the section for artist run spaces might seem weird since it started out as a conventional gallery and well, it’s never claimed to be otherwise. However, MOHS tells the opposite story of most artist runs: where most artist run initiatives consist of artists acquiring the roles of gallery owners MOHS consisted of a gallery owner who turned artist, and now Morten Hemmingsen Sørup has closed down the gallery to pursue his artistic endeavours.

Besides, for almost eight years MOHS exhibit nurtured a certain segment of the Copenhagen art scene; initially the ones rooted in illustration and print but in time he widened the scope including all types of media – and he has never been afraid to show the misfits, which earns him an spot in this issue.

All images courtesy of MOHS exhibit.

Morten Hemmingsen Sørup.
Morten Hemmingsen Sørup.

Why are you closing down?

MOHS: I am closing the gallery because I have a burning desire to concentrate on my own art practice. It has always been secondary to the gallery, and I really want to see how it will develop if I’m able to give my full attention.

Why did you start MOHS Exhibit?

M: I started MOHS exhibit because I need a change in my life. I visited the art fair FIAC in Paris and in the wake of that I bailed on my studies and decided I wanted work with contemporary art.


The initial focus was illustration and prints, but it quickly widened its scope, still with the love of detail in the craftsmanship particular to the world of illustration.

In what way do you feel you’ve contributed to the contemporary art scene in Copenhagen?

M: “MOHS exhibit has been part of the Danish scene for 7,5 years. For many artists MOHS was the gallery offering their first solo exhibition.

Besides I think MOHS has contributed a fair amount to the ‘food chain’ when it comes to visitors; we’ve had quite a few guests through who don’t normally pass through gallery doors: young people who were presented with something that actually spoke to them

– that’s huge, I think.