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Images and videos courtesy of Science Friction.

Lately artist run exhibition platforms have gained new momentum on the Scandinavian art scene.

The spaces come in different sizes, have different lifespans and at times very different ideological pursuits – common for them all, though, is that they depend on the goodwill of artists ready to invest their time in creating alternatives to the commercial galleries and government institutions.

Artist run spaces can be difficult to spot when browsing mainstream media, so in every issue of Opaque we’ll give a short presentation of a space that we think you should pay a visit to.

Science Friction is a small artist run exhibition space and workshop set up in a basement at Nørrebro, Copenhagen, DK.

Science Friction shows new media art – so lots of sound, video, light, programming going on.

The seven members of the space are rooted in a DIY and hacker environment
which they fuse with art initiatives engaging the local community.

The Science Friction crew
The Science Friction crew

SF: “We believe that our artist-practitioner-run initiative has the demonstrated potential to engage with sites dedicated to contemporary art and design culture, as well as those representing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and hacker cultures.”

Science Friction was founded 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark and is run by:

Jens Ulrik Jørgensen (DK)
David Gauthier (CA)
Christian Villum (DK)
Jamie Allen (CA)
Carl Emil Carlsen (DK)
Jakob Bak (DK)
Jacob Sikker Remin (DK)

For more info check out the Science Friction website here
– or just go pay them a visit at: Sankt Hans Gade 26A, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark.